Juana Virtual Classroom Program

Juana’s Virtual Classroom program rides on the Microsoft Teams platform. This introductory training will provide an informative overview of this collaboration app and allow you to gain a better understanding of the tools and features available to you through Teams.

Learn the basics of voice, video and text chat, and acquire a deeper insight into shared files, collaborative editing, channels, and how Teams integrates with other Microsoft services. Following 250-minute training webinar session, you will have the opportunity to ask questions or express any concerns regarding the use of Teams.

Teams provides a single window workspace where teachers and students can chat with instant messaging or video calls, make notes and share files instantly. By creating a ‘Team’, you will automatically be allocated a team Group, OneNote space, SharePoint Site and Plan – so it’s highly integrated with those other elements of Office 365.




Topics covered in these training module include:

  • An Overview of Virtual Classroom through Microsoft Teams
  • How to get Started with Microsoft Teams
  • Setting up of digital classroom and class teams
  • Schedule a meeting with your team or class
  • Sharing video, voice, or your screen during the online call
  • Archiving the online sessions recordings
  • Create learning activities for students with integrated Assignments
  • Leave feedback for students, grade, and track student progress in the Grades
  • OneNote Class Notebook
  • Create classroom announcements and
  • Best practices of organizing teams in Microsoft Teams
  • How SharePoint Online and OneDrive work with Microsoft Teams
  • Compliance Control and Security settings
  • Monitoring Usage and Quality
  • Setting up of digital classroom
  • Microsoft Whiteboard & Stream
  • User access on Microsoft Teams
  • Set up Calendars on Teams
  • Guest Access on Teams


Juana Virtual Classroom Program

We at Juana Technologies believe that education technology cannot create real value until and unless you can experience it working in real terms saving you money and making your teaching comfortable and measurable. At Juana Technologies we understand that, successful product has three cornerstones: Deployment, Training and Support. Our role is to ensure that our client organizations get the best services, for the best possible price.


  • Eligibility Criteria: Only Educational Institutes (K12) will be entitled to enroll for this