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Competition : Race to the Line

Race To The Line is the largest team based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) competition on earth. Students design and build model rocket cars and race them across the playground at up to 113 kmph.
“Teams of up to four students learn what it takes to build the fastest possible rocket car.” Students of Class 6 – 10 will use their imagination creativity innovation and concepts of science in designing the car.

The whole competition is intended to engage students across the country with an authentic STEM challenge in a competitive environment. Three competition stages and rocket motors allow students with opportunity for testing ideas and refining designs. We encourage teachers to explore ways to maximise the competition across the curriculum – drawing on topics in Science, Computing and D&T.

Your Road to Winning National Competition


School Challenge

Teams construct, test and refine their rocket car modifications and compete in an in-school competition to choose the team/s that will go forward to the regional final with their design. 


Regional Finals

Schools assemble at regional hubs to compete against each other in a fastest rocket car competition.   ​Teams will also be judged on best overall design.​


National Finals

The winning team from each regional final goes forward to the national final. They can make improvements to their design between regional and national finals.

Rules & Regulations

Team Eligibility

A team can be a maximum of 4 members.

Registering Team

A team name must be created and the attempt lodged on the school leader board on and the entry linked via the leader board to a video of the attempt loaded into the school community on

Speed Measuring

Speed must be measured using the approved microbit timing gate available at the local approved race HUB or to buy from the Dendrite shop. The timing gate must be position with the entry point to the gate at the 15 metre mark from the start line on the 25-50 metre track.

Faster Car Time Recording

Timing reported must be loaded to the national leader board alongside accelerometer data via the Bitty Data Logger App.

Teams Qualifications

The fastest teams at each stage will progress to the next stage and will be invited by the organisers to the national finals. This invitation is at the discretion of the organisers and will based upon the analysis overall entry, speed, accelerometer and video evidence


On finals day, all entrants will start again with a new rocket car kit and under observed, timed conditions be required to design,build and race a new car.

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