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Microsoft Aspire School Program

For Educators and Students.

What is MASP?

MASP is a pioneer Program that empowers K12 Education Institutes with experiences that bring learning to life, in and out of the classroom. It allows school leaders, educators & students to
reimagine how technology can enrich learning outcomes.

The objective of the program is to enable schools to have access to the latest Microsoft Technology & global education resources.

Enrich your classrooms with most Advanced Technology

Windows 10 for Education

Windows 10 helps students and educators do great things with best-in-class digital inking capabilities and collaboration tools to boost learning outcomes, it’s the platform students never outgrow.

Microsoft 365 for Education

Built for teachers and students, full of powerful tools, and accessible from your favorite devices.

Intune (MDM) for Education

Schools can now get a simple but powerful solution for managing policies, apps and settings for your classroom devices.

Microsoft Imagine Academy

Train and certify students and educators

Microsoft Imagine Academy provides up-to-date curricula and resources to train and certify students and educators on Microsoft products and technologies. Students gain valuable skills for college and a career that will help them succeed in an increasingly digital global economy across these four areas:

  • Computer science

  • IT infrastructure

  • Data science

  • Productivity

Azure Dev Tools For Teaching

Get free access to Microsoft tools and softwares

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (previously known as Microsoft Imagine Standard and Premium) is a offering for accredited schools providing them access to tools commonly used in STEM programs. It provides professional developer and designer tools, software, and services from Microsoft to your faculty and students.

  • Services

  • Tools

  • Training

  • Operating Systems

Interested in MASP?

Send us your details and we’ll have our representatives call you to explain you further.

Indian High School Oud Metha Campus, UAE

The team utilized various visual representations to display the sales data, including the cost of individual commodities, with the goal of forecasting future for the company based on the insights gained from the data.The team utilized various visual representations to display the sales data, including the cost of individual commodities, with the goal of forecasting future for the company based on the insights gained from the data.

Bright Riders School, Abu Dhabi

Bright Riders developed a dashboard utilizing a range of visualizations, including maps, charts, bar graphs, and slicers. The insights from the data have been effectively captured using the tool of Power BI, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and informative display.

Our Own English High School, Boys',

In this project , team beautifully demonstrated the use of data visuals to examine sales data which can facilitate the provision of informed recommendations aimed at promoting the company's future growth and success.

Our Own English High School, UAE

The team employed diverse visuals, with a noteworthy use of slicers to emphasize sales trends across different years. Using Power BI tools, they have gained valuable insights and formulated plans to prepare the company for any upcoming challenges.

Silver Line Prestige School

Student has beautifully created a reminder/ scheduled flow for her grandmother’s birthday. In this flow she has created a message to be sent to her grandmother every year.

Delhi Public School, Harni

This is a flow to reply unread messages in Microsoft Outlook. First it retrieves unread email messages from Inbox in Microsoft outlook account then all the retrieved messages are iterated through For each loop.

New Era Senior Secondary School

She is a huge fan of TED talks so rather than checking the website every day, she has created a flow on power automate to get a Ted Talk list, She have done the same with Times of India “Times Evoke”.

The Indian High School, Oud Metha, UAE

This flow is linking Microsoft Forms responses with Microsoft Outlook, it enables the owner of the forms to know when anyone has attempted their form and gets the recipient information along with access to their response.


It helps to save important attachments very easily, instead of manually going to each email and saving each attachment, which especially becomes cumbersome with e mails having more than one attachment.

The Indian High School OMC, Dubai

A cloud flow using power automated which can help me identify the language if any given file. He lives in community where multiculturalism and heavy diversity is present. This flow will help him identifying the language of the files.

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