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Hardware Solutions for Education

Leveraging Technology in Education

SMART interactive products for Classroom

The iconic hub of today’s classroom now comes in several more different models. Choose unrivaled interactive displays that bring devices, education software and lesson content together, or a display that simply lets you share your screen. No matter your decision, you can be certain it meets our decades long standard of quality and innovation.anytime.

SMART Boards

The most advanced SMART Board, it includes exclusive iQ technology, collaborative features and ease of use. Teachers can easily engage their students through a variety of tools and features designed to help deliver curriculum requirements.

Interactive Displays

Designed specifically for classrooms, the Smart Interactive Display has little to no glare, ensuring that every student can see the display clearly, encouraging collaborative learning that inspires students and teachers.

Interactive Projectors

Turn any surface into an interactive, collaborative learning space. Interactive projector provides touch and pen-enabled input, enabling two students to write, draw and manipulate content using a finger or the interactive pen.

microsoft cloud sliver solutions

Microsoft Devices for students and faculty

Microsoft brings you Windows 10 devices with features that range from ruggedized and spill-proof for student use to all-day battery life, all with the power, performance, and security that educators and students can count on.

Microsoft devices support digital ink, which enables students to write, draw, solve math problems, and create right on their device. Students who use digital ink produce 56% more diagrams, symbols, and numbers, leading up to a 38% improvement in performance

Build for Educaction

Surface devices transforms the way education professionals work. It frees them up from their desks and gives them new ways to engage students, energize the classroom, improve the learning experience, and deliver results.

Powerful Devices

Get the power and memory you need for your favourite apps, plus great battery life and an Intel® Core™ processor that runs full desktop apps.

Affordable Educational price

Get an extra discount off  on Surface bundle for education institutions. It includes the Intel Core i5, 128 GB Surface Pro 4 with 4GB of RAM and the Surface Pen and Type Cover.

How to buy?

StarBoard Products

Affordable interactive technology for your classroom environment

The Starboard products are the ultimate tool to give lectures, and brainstorm along the way. It can work with Windows, MAC and Linux OS, which means every user would be comfortable with it.  It allows participants to enrich their experience by importing/exporting files, browsing the internet for useful content and use software packages like Microsoft Office.